An Outdoor Wood Burning Heater Can Warm Up Your Home and Save You Money

A few years ago, I heard about a new product, the outdoor wood burning heater. It is the latest “green” appliance to hit the market and the hype is just absolutely ridiculous. Now, I’m not really a greenie myself so I don’t know how much of this stuff is hype and how much is fact. But I do know that this piece of technology was invented by a guy who wasn’t even an electrical engineer.

The home electric heaters that are now available on the market are so efficient because they utilize the natural energy of the earth to warm up the air inside your home. However, a recent study that was conducted by the University of Wisconsin estimated that there are only 100% efficient electric heaters in operation and a large percentage of them do not cost very much money to operate.

This study also stated that you could save as much as $150 a year by switching from an indoor water heater to an electric heating device. It’s like having an electric fireplace at home that also works well for heating up the air and keeping your home comfortable.

Many individuals may balk at the idea of an outdoor wood burning heater. However, if you have ever spent any time in a chilly room, you know that when you’re in one, it really is comfortable and relaxing to be in an environment that has a furnace working on it all the time.

I know that the price of the outdoor wood burning heater may be a little more expensive than an electric heater but you will see the dividends in the long run. There are many aspects of this heater that are efficient and really make it a worthy investment. They will not only heat up your house but keep you warm and cozy when the weather starts to get chilly.

You can always leave the heater running when you’re doing the yard work and painting the house or the RV or you can set it off when you go into the home. Either way, the results will be the same and you will be saving hundreds of dollars each year on your electric bill.

If you already have an existing furnace that you would like to keep it in your home, this heater will serve its purpose nicely. Just remember that you will be paying a bit more for this heater so don’t put it in your budget thinking that you’ll pay less.

Your outdoor wood burning heater will not only heat up your home but will also be quite safe to use. You can leave it running all day if you like and won’t have any problems getting it turned off.